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Conversational, warm & friendly with dynamic undertones; perfect for big-brand messaging or regional flair. Make things personal and grab attention using a voice that combines style and purpose!

Network & Affiliate Promos

Dynamic on-mic presence and authentic delivery make Lois’ voice the ideal promo choice. Real, relatable sound for Station Branding, Regional Promos and Affiliate Networks, On-air Promos and so much more. 24-hr turnarounds and fully-mixed files available.

Corporate & Sales

Real-person sound meets top-pro service, with fast turnarounds & online delivery. Smooth, intelligent tones and articulate delivery make Lois your go-to connection for Explainers, Business Presentations, Product Rollouts, Internal Programs and more ++


Trustworthy, authentic sound with stellar “teacher” cadence and content-aware delivery. Available for online Education Modules, Corporate Training, K-12 Content, Continuing Adult Education and more. Directed online sessions and delivery of separated audio files.


She's an experienced on-air personality with audience-friendly vibes and an inviting, radio-friendly sound. Lois’ voice enhances your station presence and promotes your sponsors across traditional and streaming radio, podcast intros and station promos.


From non-fiction narratives to steamy paperback reads, Lois brings audiobooks to life. She’ll capture mood and intent while enhancing the right moments and allowing your words to shine. Directed and non-directed home studio sessions available completely online.

TV & Film Documentary

Her voice will bring your story to life, on the big screen or the small. With warmth and conversational delivery, Lois narrates documentaries that resonate.